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The central treasury team at Carl Zeiss uses Deutsche Bank’s smart FX tools to control currency risks and manage cross-border payments worldwide from Germany.

Optical technology enterprise Carl Zeiss AG has used Deutsche Bank as its main international banking partner for over 50 years. Deutsche Bank assists the company with financing, asset management, cash management and foreign exchange.

This relationship has helped Zeiss grow its business in markets from Europe to North America, South America and Asia. As a modern high-tech company, Zeiss wants to use the latest digital technologies and automated processes in every area of its business. Deutsche Bank’s FX platforms and workflow solutions allow the treasury team at Zeiss head office in Oberkochen to manage all foreign currency transactions centrally. As well as enabling global coordination, this helps Zeiss to comply with local regulations in countries with strict currency controls, such as China and India.

Deutsche Bank’s Autobahn and FX4Cash platforms are used by treasurers at multinationals, mid-caps and startups, portfolio managers and FX traders around the world. Autobahn offers control of every stage of a foreign exchange transaction, from research and market analytics to execution and post-trade management. FX4Cash provides the ability to make and receive payments in multiple currencies, using real-time exchange rates, from a single account.

These market-leading tools continue to evolve through the bank’s commitment to innovation for clients. The latest version of Autobahn, launched in 2019, includes new services and even more customisation options. For those who want to stay connected to the market on the go, the Autobahn Mobile for FX app is available on iOS and Android smartphones.

"These tools help my team do their job more efficiently."

Klaus Leinmüller, Senior VP Corporate Finance & Controlling, Carl Zeiss AG

By demonstrating real understanding of clients’ operational challenges and business goals, these tools help build a closer relationship between client and bank. “Our FX solutions are integrated into clients’ daily workflow routines,” confirms Frank Scholler of FX Sales.

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