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Private Clients

For more than 150 years, we’ve helped our clients save, invest and protect their wealth, however they want to.

Financial priorities change as we move through life

Everyone has ambitions and dreams. From our earliest days to the current moment, Deutsche Bank has been here to help people plan their next steps.

Through deposit accounts and investment portfolios, we provide ways to save for tomorrow. Our personal loans and mortgages open up all kinds of possibilities in the here and now, from buying a car or a home to getting an education or pursuing a passion.

Financial priorities change as we move through life — and when the unexpected happens as well. Whether it’s to provide for their own future, their children or their children’s children, we help our clients make the right moves. Transferring wealth requires careful planning. We advise families on how to pass it on safely from one generation to the next.

We all want to know what we’ve worked hard for is secure, especially in adverse times. From safety deposit boxes to expert advice, our clients have always been able to count on us to help protect what’s theirs. The arrival of ATMs brought easier access. Today our clients can bank at home and everywhere else via laptop or smartphone.

The digital revolution has brought more than convenience. Since the arrival of Covid-19, contactless transactions have made life not just smoother but safer too. Clients can get advice via video calls as well as by phone and in person. From locations and environments to opening hours and protective measures, our branches are adapting to these times — as they always have.

This is how we support every generation. 

Contactless transactions have made life smoother and safer

More than 150 years of advice, convenience and security



The first deposit-taking branch of Deutsche Bank opens in Berlin, enabling people to put money aside for tomorrow



We introduce safety deposit boxes in branches for clients to store their valuables securely



The growth of our branch network increases access to financial advice and security throughout Germany



We introduce regular savings accounts for clients who want to put a little away every month to build up funds or buy something special




Our DWS asset management business provides a way to build wealth by investing in equity funds



Our personal loans help clients pursue their plans, ambitions and dreams



We begin providing home loans so clients can buy — or build — a place of their own



More than 800 Deutsche Bank ATMs throughout Germany make it easier for clients to access their money



Deutsche Bank joins the digital age with our first electronic banking service



Our first Asia fund provides new opportunities for investors



We open branches throughout the east of Germany to assist the population after the fall of the Berlin Wall



Our dedicated wealth management business supports families with complex interests



Visitors to our ‘Branch of the Future’ in Berlin can experience the newest innovations in banking



Clients can make contactless payments with credit and debit cards



Our branches switch to telephone banking to support clients during lockdown

150 years

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