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    Transport, energy and neighbourhoods

150 years for Infrastructure

For more than 150 years we’ve financed infrastructure projects that have helped cities and countries move forward, all over the world.

We work in partnership with those who drive progress through their ingenuity, energy and entrepre­neurial spirit

Roads, bridges and tunnels. Airports, ports and public transportation. Cleaner energy. New neighbourhoods. Infrastructure projects like these have a positive impact on economies, society and everyday life. Investment in infrastructure makes better places to live. It creates jobs. It helps business to thrive.

Deutsche Bank has a long history of supporting infrastructure projects, all over the world, by raising finance from investors and committing our own capital.

For more than 150 years we’ve worked in partnership with those who drive progress through their ingenuity, energy and entrepreneurial spirit. People who can look beyond today to see a different future. Who have the vision to find new ways to connect cities, countries and continents. Who have the imagination to give idle spaces new purpose.

The Kurfürstendamm is one of the best-known streets in Berlin. Everyone calls it the Ku’damm. At one time this was just a country road on the western edge of the city. As Berlin grew it needed more room. The development of the Ku’damm in 1882 created a new quarter of shops, restaurants, offices and residences. Financing from Deutsche Bank helped make it happen.

People have come to the Ku’damm ever since to work, live and play. Sculpted by war and peace, decline and revival, this neighbourhood has never stood still. Financing and investment keep the Ku’damm and Berlin moving forward. This is how cities are made.

People come to the Ku’damm to work, live and play

More than 150 years of helping our clients create new infrastructure




We finance the building of a new commercial and residential area of Berlin around the Ku’damm

19th century Seville.



We provide the finance for the electrification of Barcelona and Seville


Transport networks

The arrival of the U-Bahn connects Berlin: we help set up the company behind it




We lead the syndicate that finances construction of a new power plant to provide electricity to Buenos Aires



We are part of the investor syndicate that acquires Tempelhof Field, site of Berlin’s first commercial airport



A bond issue funds the extension of Osaka harbour, which increases trade with the rest of the world



We raise the finance for new motorways to connect Italy’s cities

Curved section of elevated motorway in Italian countryside.



We help finance new pipelines that bring natural gas from Russia to Europe

Train travelling through Eurotunnel.



We join the consortium financing the Channel Tunnel, which connects the UK and mainland Europe




We arrange the finance for the Darnytskyi Bridge, which improves road and rail links in Kiev



We help finance new power plants that give Egypt a modern energy infrastructure



We are part of the financing consortium for the world’s longest suspension bridge, in Çanakkale, Turkey



We help finance construction of new wind farms that expand production of renewable energy in Norway and Taiwan



We help finance development of the Hudson Yards neighbourhood, which revitalises the West Side of New York City

The Vessel and rail yard at Hudson Yards in New York City.

150 years

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