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Deutsche Bank’s private banking advisers help clients balance their personal priorities and financial goals. Healthcare professional Prof. Andrea Morgner-Miehlke wants to take care of the future while enjoying the here and now.

Prof. Morgner-Miehlke has been with Deutsche Bank since she was a student. This relationship has been a constant as her life and financial priorities have changed over the years.

Her financial goals right now are to plan for retirement and her daughter’s future. But it’s just as important for the family to be able to enjoy life. “Good health and time to spend with your family are priceless. You can’t buy these things,” she says.

A career in healthcare, first as a physician and now in healthcare economics, has taught Prof. Morgner-Miehlke how quickly circumstances can change. That’s why she wants to be prepared. Her relationship manager at Deutsche Bank, Joachim Kalb, uses all of the bank’s global financial expertise to advise her.

The inside story

"With a smartphone, I can always be there for my clients"

Joachim Kalb
Private & Commercial Bank

Joachim Kalb describes how Deutsche Bank is moving with the times for an increasingly diverse client base

He has a simple definition of his role. “I listen and ask questions,” he says. That provides a deep understanding of each client’s wishes, and their worries too. Joachim uses that insight to advise the Morgner-Miehlke family on topics that include savings, investments, strategies for asset growth and inheritance, with input from colleagues who are experts in these areas where required.

"Personal conversations are essential for finding individual investment solutions"

Joachim Kalb, Deutsche Bank

With her professional experience of how uncertain life can be, Prof. Morgner-Miehlke draws comfort from knowing her family has this support. She says: “Sometimes it's just about just discussing topics or getting a different perspective. Mr Kalb is a really capable adviser.”

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