• 150 years

    Export, trade
    and growth

Business Clients

For more than 150 years we’ve been helping all kinds of businesses do business, all over the world.

Deutsche Bank was founded to serve companies with international ambitions

Companies with international ambitions can access a huge choice of markets today. Deciding where to go is just the beginning. Entering a new market means navigating unfamiliar territory, different rules and red tape.

Deutsche Bank was founded in 1870 to help German and European businesses export, trade and grow worldwide. We are still doing that more than 150 years on.

We built a global network to be able to help our clients get to wherever they want to be. Through services like trade finance, cash management and foreign exchange, we continue to help multinationals, mid-caps and startups do business next door and far from home.

With our support they can pay and be paid in the local currency. From cash flows to exchange rates, we help them manage the risks involved in trading across borders. Manufacturers need global supply chains to run smoothly. We help that happen.

From more than 150 years of involvement in established and emerging markets we know that no two routes to expansion are the same. Some go country by country. Others use mergers and acquisitions to get there sooner. From the capital markets to bank loans, we connect companies to the financing they need to help them on their way.

The traditional and the adventurous. The well-travelled and the fast-growing. We are here for them. This is how businesses grow. 

We help our clients do business next door and far from home

More than 150 years of supporting export, trade and growth


Corporate banking

We help AEG grow from startup into global provider of electrical engineering



We help establish Mannesmann as a multinational industrial conglomerate


Corporate finance

We advise Siemens on a new corporate structure so it can be more competitive globally



We help launch Ufa, Germany’s best-known film and TV company



We arrange the merger of leading German iron, steel and coal producers into Vereinigte Stahlwerke, which becomes the largest steelmaker in Europe


Corporate banking

We help toymaker Steiff become an international business with over 40 export markets



We lead the privatisation of VEBA, which merges with VIAG in 2000 to form E.ON, one of the world’s largest energy suppliers



We advise on the merger that makes Hapag-Lloyd AG one of the world’s largest shipping companies


Corporate banking

Our financing, payment services and interest rate management help car rental company Sixt become an international brand


Corporate finance

Financing helps winemaker Robert Weil modernise production of its popular Riesling wines


Corporate finance

We help luggage maker Rimowa establish manufacturing operations outside Germany to supply international markets



Buying Reebok brings Adidas a bigger share of the US sports shoe market: we arrange and finance the deal



Corporate banking

We help tech startup Babbel open its first international office in New York


Trade finance

We assist Hubert Burda Media’s expansion in emerging markets, the latest chapter in this 50-year partnership


Cash management

Regional cash pooling helps Hilton run its hotel operations across Europe



We help Whitbread focus on hospitality in Europe and the Middle East by selling Costa Coffee to Coca-Cola

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